Database credits

President of the FIRT/IFTR
Prof. Christopher Balme

President of the CUT
Prof. Franco Perrelli

Planning and implementation
Prof. Gerardo Guccini (University of Bologna)
Prof. Armando Petrini (University of Turin)
Prof. Daniele Vianello (University of Calabria)

Project developed by the ‚ÄúCommissione Riviste e Internazionalizzazione‚ÄĚ of the CUT
Prof. Roberta Carpani, Prof. Gerardo Guccini, Prof. Armando Petrini, Prof. Sandra Pietrini, Prof. Paolo Quazzolo, Prof. Daniele Vianello

Database planning and web development
Alain Nardelli (Hg blu Srl)